New to Seattle? Or moving soon? (say, from Boston, NYC, Wash DC or ?…..)


So you’re moving to Seattle. 

And you’re going to be here soon.  Or maybe you’ve already arrived.

Herewith are TEN things about the Emerald City that you should know about, or at least consider knowing about, before, or soon after, you move.  

Seattle wants your passion, your talent, and you!  Some people who live here think it’s fun to complain that Amazon, the entire state of California, young people (e.g. millennials), and opportunistic techies have taken over the city.  Well if that’s true, they’ve all helped to elevate it into one of the most livable, dynamic cities in the world.  We love new folks and we love old folks.  We love everyone else in between too.  We’d like everyone also to be selfless and kind, or at least to try to be.  

You can’t take a wrong turn here.  Lake Washington, Discovery Park, the Arboretum, Alki Beach, the mountains, islands, ferries….that’s for starters….really, you can’t take too big of a wrong turn here as long as you trust your instincts for desire, and that your most profound desire is to embrace the new.

Admittedly, I-5 & I-405 are a couple of dodos.  You likely already know this.  Hopefully, our traffic will improve someday.  Our new Sound Transit lines will soon help.  Meanwhile for now, when possible, avoid I-5 or I-405.  If you don’t think it’s possible, consider why you’re moving.  Pretend for a few seconds that you’re not moving here because you enjoy sitting in rush hour traffic.  

If you’re considering buying a home or condo, it is strongly recommended you work with a “renaissance” real estate broker.  What is a ‘renaissance’ broker?  For starters, it’s a broker who goes well beyond  your Internet search bar, who knows exactly what it takes to “make the deal happen” for you because that broker does all your proprietary work for you, channels your needs and wants, understands your nuances, and is perfectly articulate when negotiating your terms, all in order to help make your purchase truly happen for you.

Community Service is cool.  So you enjoy life for being a giver, not a taker, which means you are a generous soul, apart from all else you do.  Well, why not share it?  If you can read, why not work with a child who struggles with reading?  If you can coach, surely there’s a nearby Y or rec center that needs you.  Or if you can find 3-4 free hours a week to hang with a kid missing a parent or two, the Big Brother Big Sister program has at least one child in their wings surely waiting to meet you.

All local museums are worth their price of admission.  And not just because they’re occasionally free (which they are).  We have some great ones.  You will find them when you Google the words “Seattle” and “museum”.  Go ahead, it’ll make your day.  Most everyone who lives here appreciates the rain that then sometimes sends them tripping out on a museum.

The weather is opportune, always, even when it rains.  Commenting positively about Seattle’s rainfall is possibly thought of as ironic (despite winter’s exclusive delivery of about 75% of it).  So here’s a consideration: Seattle never gets horribly hot, and never gets particularly cold.  That makes up for the extra rain.  Plus when the sun shines, especially in winter, it’s like your day’s abated reward.  Otherwise think of the rain as your friend, along with your best reason why you can turn on the tap for cool fresh water while most people in the world don’t have water at all, and why your electricity bills here are about half the national average.

When thinking about selling, consider hiring a “renaissance” real estate broker.  Again, what is a ‘renaissance’ broker?  He’s a broker who will help you put together an organized, structured, well-timed plan.  He will listen to all your wants and needs, and assist you personally with much of the legwork required to get your property ready for sale.  He will have excellent communication and marketing skills, and when it comes to finally putting it on market, he won’t leave the smallest stone unturned.  A renaissance broker is also the one you may trust to sell your property for the highest possible price in the current market.

The Seahawks are not the only game in town.  Yes the Hawks are fun to watch, and Seattle is crazy for them, but you can also have a good time, and save money, rooting for our “other teams”.  The Sounders, Storm, Mariners, and Huskies, all await your cheers.  Meanwhile, nearby Kirkland plays host to the Junior Little League Softball World Series, where the best 12-14 year-old girl teams in the world come every year with wildly competitive charm to duke it out.  Admission is free!

 The market may still be “won”, but first you must be prepared to think like a winner.  So you wish to buy a condo, or house, but you’re filled with trepidation at losing out on your bid for your “dream home”.  Not sure if this improves your perspective, but in today’s market, it’s better not to have a “dream home” until you’ve won your bid, because the bidding is often very dog-eat-dog.  Not to mention your fear of overpaying, being priced out of your preferred neighborhood, not qualifying for a mortgage, etc!  Many central Seattle homes and condos on market today are sold after bidding wars, and buyers now feel the pressure of waiving contingencies to have a chance.  So what do you think it takes to make the winning bid following a bidding war fracas?  Call me and I’ll meet with you at no obligation.  I’ll tell you everything you need to know.


Written and published by Christian Hansen, January 29, 2016

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