More About Me

For Buyers: Exceptionally Attentive, No-holds-barred, Representation and Service

Christian "Chris" Hansen, knows well how to assist you as you seek your residential "soul" in Seattle. Among the few local agents truly raised and educated in the city, he regularly visits and intimately knows the many characteristics of its neighborhoods, and with his knowledge base of 30+ years in property development and sales will help introduce you to the local "frontiers" that best reflect your personal search criteria, budget, and timing. Chris' expertise and passion for real estate are founded on a round-the-clock work ethic and his attention to "all the details" from beginning to end, for ensuring his clients of the trust they have placed in him to get the job done right. Consistently performing in the highest tier of agents globally (top 3% to 6%), with over $50+ million in residential sales in the past several years, Chris is nearly always available, and never too busy to answer your questions about how to get started.

For Sellers: A Deeply Committed Work Ethic With a Renaissance-caliber Vision

Whether it's the longtime family home or a starter condo, a piece of vacant land or a commercial building, when it comes time to sell, just the idea of how to get started can feel overwhelming. Not to mention all the practical and legal implications if your step-by-step process is not planned well and correctly. Imagine that selling your property is like starting a business, with short term objectives leading to a long term goal. Chris has the kind of experience that will bring those objectives to light, and a renaissance-caliber vision for how to achieve that long term goal, from beginning to end, and beyond.